Based in San Francisco, CA, Sawako Ogo is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and movement improvisation practitioner, originally from Tokyo, Japan. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Dance from San Francisco State University, Sawako had the privilege of performing the works of Kristin Damrow, Lenora Lee, Joe Landini, David Herrera, Erin Chih-Fang Yen, and Christian Burns, where she was not only a dancer but also a collaborator, as well as numerous others.

Outside of the concert dance scene, Sawako has been a part of many film projects, including "Hello Hello on Fire!" music video by Josiah Johnson, directed by Pete Lee, and choreographed by Natasha Adorlee.

As a choreographer and an independent artist, Sawako completed several residency programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, where her works were commissioned and presented by organizations and festivals such as RAWDance's Concept Series and the 29th West Wave Dance Festival. Her improvisational works were presented locally in the Bay Area as well as at Texas Dance Improvisation Festival in 2022.

Sawako copes with struggles life brings by bleaching and occasionally cutting her hair shorter and shorter. She has been blonde since 2020 after going through a stage of long blue hair and undercut for several years.




Available for

  • Dance Performance for live and film productions

  • Dance Choreography and movement direction

  • Contemporary dance workshop

  • Art, Fashion, and movement photography modeling

Special Skills

  • Trained in Kendo (Japanese traditional martial art)

  • Long-time freelance model for art, fashion, and alternative photography.

  • Proficient in English and Japanese languages.

Photo: Reneff-Olson Productions