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Bibo no Aozora

Choreography: Sawako Ogo

Music: Bibo no Aozora by Sawakomoto Ryuichi

Dancers: Kelly Del Rosario and Sawako Ogo

Duration: 7 minutes

Disaster Chaotic

Choreography and Direction: Sawako Ogo

Music: Uni Clip by Alva Noto, Excavation, Pt. 2 by The Haxan Cloak, Miroirs, M. 43: No.2 Oiseaux tristes.Très lent By Maurice Ravel (Piano: Romain Nosbaum), Funcomfortably Yours by Bora Yoon & Ben Frost, Push by Nathan Corder

Dancers: Augustin Beall and Sawako Ogo

Duration: 16 minutes


Fully improvised piece, Co-directed by : Sawako Ogo and Gretchen Ackerman

Music: Sawako Ogo and Nathan Corder

Dancers: Sawako Ogo and Gretchen Ackerman

Duration: 8 minutes and 12 seconds

Sponsored by Lenora Lee Dance, Curated by Texas Dance Improvisation Festival

Performance Reel - 2022